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Reed Diffuser - 150ml


Dazzling and seductive, a desirable composition of floral and fresh. Choose your fragrance.

The Reed Diffuser 130ml is a stylish and effective way to spread a pleasant fragrance throughout your home or workspace. It uses natural reed sticks to release the fragrance into the air, creating a subtle and long-lasting scent that will keep your space smelling fresh for weeks. The diffuser comes with a 130ml bottle of fragrance oil, available in 20 various scents, allowing you to choose the perfect scent to suit your preferences. The sleek and modern design of the bottle blends well with any decor, making it an excellent addition to any room. It is also effortless to use, requiring no electricity or heat source to function, making it a safe and eco-friendly option. The diffuser is an excellent alternative to candles, as it is flame-free and poses no risk of fire. This Reed Diffuser 130ml is an attractive and practical way to add a refreshing scent to your living space.

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